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3 blastoise ex

3 milk tank

2 sybyl (can't spell it right)

3 zubat

3 goalbat

3 crobat

3 unkown ( Ancient origins)



3 ultra ball

3 vs seeker

3 switch

2 robo doll

1 escape rope

4 juniper

3 N

2 Lysander

2 wally

3 power band

2 proffessors letter



2 dce

10 water





The strategy of this deck is to use blastoise ex first attack to do damage and swap for either something to protect the bench, or stun the oppenent. The attack does not do much so I use crobats to add more dmg to either there benched pokemon or there pokemon that they had to swap out for from blastoise. I'm looking into help for more cards that can disrupt the oppenent or cards that can help speed up the strategy. I'm new to the pokemon tcg but love the game from playing online some. Just looking for suggestions plus help. I know the ratios are a little wack and I'm probably don't have 60 cards but I just wanted to get the idea of the deck out here and just go from there.

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