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Looking for Reg Art DE MewEX


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Hello everyone,


Thank you for reading my topic. as the title states I am searching for a Regular Art MewEX from Dragons Exalted. I have a bunch of stuff I am offering for trade. Pst me ingame if you have 2 available or 1 available.  I will list below what I have in singles and combination for trade/offering.


Gallade EX (Reg Art) = 1 MewEX

Team Magama Sleeves = 1 MewEX

Chesnaught (gold Star) + Goodra (PhF gold star) + Dusknoir(gold star) = 1 MewEX




Gallade EX (reg art) +

Team Magma Sleeves +

Chestnaught +

Goodra (PhF)+

Dusknoir = 2 MewEX

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