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Night March Counter


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Since we can't ban it, any counters please? Been running into this deck in tourneys and I must say it is borderline cheating!

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**Bats/ splashable in many decks
Are very popular and if you get enough zubats in play at the start you can later start getting multiple kos in conjunction with cheap attacks
Popular attackers: Landorus, Seismitoad, Manectric.(If you run bats, miltank becomes a worthy non ex attacker)
Landorus (may have to be wary against Empoleon - definately makes the chance of winning hard if you dont have any other non ex attacker, might conisder teching Lucario EX who is weak to psychic too)
Best way to play is to target the bench with the 'sneaky **** abilties' and ko the active with the offical attack (with muscle band bonus) so they don't have any night marchers in play to promote and would need to find a switch/invest energy or turn attacking to get a night marcher active.

**Silent lab can be run in any decks, and can be combined with bats, (Aegislash if you how to). This shuts down Mew EX and Shaymin EX and allow you to put spread damage using attackers like Manectric/Landorus/Bats/Noivern penetrating through  mr mime.
**Garbardor can be useful but unlike Silent lab can't be played instantly but once played is in effect longer and is only viable with spread attackers, as Mew EX can't be used as something that can survive spread attacks.

N (x2 copy) is the perfect card to use with the above plays or whenever as it is a disruptive and one thing night marchers struggle at times is to get the energy.
Against Night March its easy to be behind prizes.
N them to 1 or 2 cards with a lock in effect is quite a good position to be in.

**Enhanced/Crushing hammer, like Bats apply it on the bench and ko the active pokemon - works great with N also as your limiting their chances of getting any energy they need.

**Robo sub/Focus sash in Gengar/Donphan/Fighting decks- importantly getting the ko and switching out. Prize denial with robo subs - making the prize trade much better. Focus sash is good as night marchers hit one hit ko's easily you can get two attacks/kos for one of yours.

- Other form of improving prize trade is by having so non ex attackers, (Heatran/ Outragers are good as they can ko Mew EX too)

**Item lock- Toad/Trevenant is still really solid particularly against speed decks, as long as they haven't hit enough night marchers in discard the turn they are not item locked (even if they do) as long as they're not drawing the energies to attack they will lose.

**Aegislash EX mainly metal decks so attacking option is there,  not a direct counter but forces them to attack with Mew EX most of the times, unless they get time to set up a night marcher with basic energy. You could even run head ringers and try your chances to push Mew Ex to not be able to attack. And if does get attacking you could try targetting tactically.


If you see the worlds top 8, all of them run something off the above in some sort.
Wailord matchup - 11 night marchers in discard and silver bangle deals 250 damage. Hard charm prevents that. And used energy denial cards, or tactically plan Lysandre to drain them out/ deck the out. Despite all that Night Marcher can still win


For some decks, you just have to accept that night march is a bad matchup. Its just the way the meta is.

But there are plays that can be done to make games winnable.
- E.g Lysandring a Mew EX to ko it with a Mega Pokemon, instead of adding another night march in the discard to power the their attack and get the ko.
- Pumpkaboo often is only able to attack with Dimension Valley and DCE, you can lysandre it after playing a counters stadium or with Aegslash EX force them to use resources or give you time.
- Depending on how many EX'S try getting the KO's on them (mainly using non ex attackers like Trait Deta Plus/Hawlucha)
- Keep record of how many night marchers are in the discard, sometimes you can rid all of them in play after targetting 1 or 2 of them that see play and have Mew EX running of Shaymin EX attacks only.

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Many thanks! So much information to grasp. Could you shed some light on using a Gengar Ex Malamar Ex Gallade Ex Mee Ex and Yveltal Ex deck? Looking forward to your answer!

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