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[CARD] Team Aqua's Secret Base (Double Crisis #28) - When replaced by a new Stadium, old effect remains and negates effect of new Stadium


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Card: Team Aqua's Secret Base


Card Number: Double Crisis #28


Expected Action: While Active The Retreat Cost of each Pokémon in play (except for Team Aqua Pokémon) is * more.


Actual Action: Even when the stadium is replaced for a new one it's effect remains e.g: Team Aqua's Secret Base is replaced for Silent Lab the retreat cost remains but the the abilities of the basic pokemon is still functional, so the new stadium effect is not valid.


Steps to Reproduce: Replace Team Aqua's Secret Base for Silent Lab or most of the stadiums.


Thanks in advance for looking this up.

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Hi drakan,


We appreciate your report! I have passed this along to the QA team for further investigation.


Thank you!

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Hey there!

From the Known Bugs thread:

Team Aqua's Secret Base (#28): Removing this card from play may not remove the increased Retreat Cost.



We appreciate your patience until this is resolved! I'll be closing this thread now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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