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Trade Completed. Can a mod close this thread please?


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I'm offering 160 Roaring Skies packs for secret rare Ultra Ball. Unfortunately I can't go any higher than that, but I can replace some of the packs with cards or items if you would like. Cards/items I can offer in place of some packs are:


Darkrai ex Full Art

Empoleon Secret Rare

Garbodor Secret Rare

Gengar Prime

Ho-Oh ex Full Art

Landorus ex Full Art

M Rayquaza ex Full Art

Mewtwo ex Full Art

Rayquaza ex Full Art RS

Rayquaza ex Full Art DEX

Shaymin ex Full Art RS

Shaymin ex (RS Reg art)

Virizion ex Full Art

Colress Full Art

Professor Juniper Full Art


CoL energy:

Fighting x12

Dark x12

Fire x12

Water x13

Grass x12

Lightning x11


Mega Charizard X Sleeve/Box

Groudon Sleeve/Box

Kyogre Sleeve/Box

Rayquaza Sleeve/Box

Green Starter Set Coin

Kyogre Gameplay Deck Box

Metagross Coin

Team Aqua Coin/Sleeve

Team Magma Coin/Sleeve

World Championship 2014 Sleeve/Deckbox/Coin set (Red)


or almost anything else in my binder...


I have multiples of the majority of stuff listed, so if you're interested in more than 1 just ask :) As far as values are concerned I'm reasonable, just post or send a fair offer. Thanks

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