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Top 32 World Championship last Chance Qualifiers


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So I went down to San Diego to play in the Pokemon TCG World Championship LCQs and I went 5-1 making top 32, a mere one win away from qualifying for the world championship :(. Unfortunately in my top 32 matchup i drew all of 3 supporters over the course of the 3 game match and lost because of that. Bad luck sucks. I was disappointed at first but now I'm inspired to actualy play in a season and qualify based on rating. Anyway I'd like to thank the PTCGO community for giving me a resource to playtest for the event. I would not have done as well as I did without your help. I played Reshiphlosion with samurott and zekrom. I will post the list below. thanks again.




4 Reshiram


3-2-3 Typhlosion


2-2 Ninetales


1-0-1 Samurott


1 zekrom


1 cleffa


1 tyrogue




4 professor oak's new theory


3 pokemon collector


1 Cheerleader's cheer


3 junk arm


2 pokemon reversal


3 rare candy


4 pokemon communication


2 defender


3 pluspower


2 switch




3 double colorless


9 fire energy






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Congratulations on doing so well :). I'd love a chance at the Grinders but living in Australia... well the risk isn't worth the travel cost sadly, especially with the new single elim rules. Your list looks really solid - the only addition I question is Cheerleaders Cheer? Personally I quite like Engineer's Adjustments - you get the extra card, and the discard actually fuels Typhlosion. I'd probly run a 10/2 split of Fire and DCE, but thats just me - clearly your deck works very well to only miss top cut by 1!


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yeh i originally tested engineer's adjustment but id rather use ninetales for the same effect and not run the chance of engineers being dead in hand. cheerleader's cheer works really well in this format because giving someone a card in this meta is pretty irrelevant since there are so many shuffle and draw effects and so much yanmega being used. I actually used the cheer to disrupt yanmegas in the tourney to good success because they either mess up there handsize and use a judge or copycat ( hich is one less for later game) or they just allow me to draw 3 cards with no drawback. As far as the enegies goes, I ran 3/9 split because of samurott and zekrom. the deck really needs the 3rd double colorless with this configuration.


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Do you run the Samurott to counter other fire decks? I don't mind it being there, but with 1-1 you have to rely on rare candies and if a few of them get stuck as prizes - then there pretty much is little use for them. I also don't mind the tyrogue being there, but he will end up being Yanmega fodder later on .... Having Typhlosion in there - it makes it so much easier to feed pokemon energy cards - so you could actually go without using any double colorless energy cards.




The pokemon collector's are decent cards, but they become wasted space later. You have communicators you could easily get the pokemon you need. Plus with oak's new theory ninetails and such - it wouldn't be hard to pull the pokemon you need. By taking a collector out and throwing in a fisherman or something else to help bring energy back - you can countinue to feed ninetails.




Just a few thoughts ;)




Oh, and congrats on making it so far!


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yeh i see where your advice comes from but with the heavy collector and communication lines i can set up tales and phlosion on turn turn very often so all the draw in the deck allows me to play 1-0-1 samurott. I was considering going 2-1-2 but I hadn't tested the deck with a 2-1-2 line and didn't want to play something I was unfamiliar with in a single elimination tournament




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I don't even know what I'm playing for this season. Was originally playign DonChamp but Catcher will pwn Machop. If it had solid draw like Ninetales then it could stand a chance but no :(


I'm thinking of Donphan Dragons but I dunno if I like it or not. Maybe Megazord or MegaJudge but w/e


The Samurott in interesting here and I can see wjhy Zekrom is here too. Works brilliantly with Afterburner.


I prefer to use Engineer's than Cheerleader's though. With Ninetales, 2 Fire Energy = 7 cards.


But well done on T32. This format is going to be a lot better than MD-on's but I'm worried Catcher will make a load of decks unplayable.


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i think catcher is easily played around i was playing magneboar all day in the free play room at worlds with people running emerging powers and i just ran 4 swtiches to counter. alo dodrio will be a lot more popular. If you want try something with donphan id suggest trying donphan excadrill zoroark once emerging powers comes out. I've been testing today and it's been working really well.


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