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scrafty / Espeon plasma deck


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Pokemon: 19

  • 3 Scraggy (PLS)
  • 3 Scrafty (PLS)
  • 4 Eevee (FFI)
  • 4 Espeon (PLF)
  • 2 Glaceon (PLF)
  • 3 Deoxys EX (PLF)

Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 23

  • 1 Energy Retrieval
  • 2 Colress Machine
  • 1 Team Plasma Ball
  • 1 Sacred Ash
  • 4 Muscle Band
  • 2 Silver Bangle
  • 2 Ultra Ball (thinking of changing for Level Ball when it come out)
  • 1 Professor's Letter
  • 2 Dark Patch
  • 1 Colress
  • 2 N
  • 2 Skyla
  • 2 Professor Juniper

Energy: 18

  • 4 Psychic Energy
  • 10 Dark Energy
  • 3 Plasma Energy
  • 1 Water Energy


My main pokemon is Scrafty i try to get him as fast as possible and use his second attack Reinforced Headbutt with the tools ( attach the muscle band or silver bangle, depend on situation against EX or not ) Easy 120,130 or even 150 or 160 with the Deoxys on the bench. Since all my pokemon are plasma i decided to tech some Deoxys for his ability dommage, i only use glaceon for the free retreat cost ability, since all my pokemon have 2 retreats max and glaceon give 2 or less . Espeon is for the draw power ( i tryed to make the deck like TylyrPlays on  the site that start with You and end with tube, but with some scrafty in it) you put eevee ,evolve him put a muscle band or silver bangle, easy 40 dommage or 50 depend on tools and you draw until you have 6, sometimes i will snipe with Shadow ball but not most of the time since it's only 40 dommage.Team Plasma ball so i can search for every pokemon in my deck, mostly, just can't take eevee or scraggy

The rest of the Trainers/supporters i don't think i have to explain ^^

Energy is a bit weird, i still don't know how many to put or remove, kind of testing, sometime i found that i don't have enough sometime too much -.-'.

I know i have some unexpanded card in it but i didnt know what to put to make it standard, some help would be really appreciated
If someone could tell me what to change or keep

PS: Yes i plan to Add VS Seeker, just don't have it atm, just tell me wich one to replace with

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