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Theme Deck Comparison


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Forgive me if this is a topic that belongs in the Trainer Challenge or Deck Construction sections, but I think since this is related to PvP it should be here.


It is time for us to discuss what the best theme decks in the PTCGO are. Yes, yes, yes, Dark Hammer is the one that will probably be the best of them all, BUT I still want talk about how each deck does with playing each deck. My goal is to make a chart that maps out every possible match up in theme deck mode and ranks on a scale of 1 to 5 how likely a deck will win. The ranking of each match up will be based on feedback and personal experiences from everyone who wishes to contribute.


I think this would be an overwhelmingly useful tool for any new players who want to buy a deck in real life or in the game’s shop. I’m not sure how to make this accessible to players on the forums once it is done, but I’m sure someone will think of something that is within the rules of the forums (or I could just end up begging the mods for special permission to post an image once it is done), but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


Here are all the decks that are going to have to be looked at one at a time:

  1. Basic Red
  2. Basic Blue
  3. Basic Green
  4. Basic Yellow
  5. Power Relay
  6. Basic Orange
  7. BW Basic Red
  8. BW Basic Blue
  9. BW Basic Green
  10. Rallying Cry
  11. Mental Might
  12. Daybreak
  13. Growth Clash
  14. Nightfall
  15. Royal Guard
  16. Verdant Frost
  17. Green Tornado
  18. Red Frenzy
  19. Blue Assault
  20. Night Hunter
  21. Power Play
  22. Toxic Tricks
  23. Fast Daze
  24. Furious Knights
  25. Explosive Edge
  26. Voltage Vortex
  27. Raiders
  28. Shadows
  29. Dragon Snarl
  30. Dragon Speed
  31. Ice Shock
  32. Cold Fire
  33. Plasma Shadow
  34. Plasma Claw
  35. Frost Ray
  36. Psy Crusher
  37. Mind Wipe
  38. Solar Strike
  39. Chespin Deck
  40. Fennekin Deck
  41. Froakie Deck
  42. Resilient Life
  43. Destructive Rush
  44. Mindbind
  45. Brilliant Thunder
  46. Mystic Typhoon
  47. Enchanted Echo
  48. Dark Hammer
  49. Burning Winds
  50. Bolt Twister
  51. Claw Barrage
  52. Ocean’s Core
  53. Earth’s Pulse
  54. Aura Blast
  55. Storm Rider
  56. Eon Strike

(did I forget any?)

I suggest we start at the top with Basic Red and slowly work our way down.

So, how does Basic Red do when playing with each individual deck?

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I guess I should explain how I would prefer to get feedback for this before things get out of hand.


The ranking of each match up is on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being almost never winning and 5 almost always winning


Just list out all the decks that you are experienced with when it comes to each match up. If you are unsure about a combination, just place a “?” or simply don’t list the deck.


Here is what I know about Basic Red so other people can use it as a templet.


Basic Red odds of victory:


Basic Red 3

Basic Blue 1

Basic Green 5

BW Basic Blue 1

BW Basic Green 4

Explosive Edge 1

Dark Hammer 1

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