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[Suggestion] rank based on percentage of win


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can you add a ranking system which is based on percentage of win?
i added some images about it. i can look cards of deck so we can learn new strategies. Maybe you can add a few rule for ranking list. for example a deck will add to list after 100 matches.
sorry for my bad english.
i cound not add image :/
i added a link for image.

[Content removed - posting images or links to websites other than official Pokémon sites is not permitted. -Mod. Poplar]

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I feel I should warn you that I the mods normally edit posts with external links (at least that is the way it was in the past. I’m not as active on the forums as I once was), so I would recommend you remove them sooner than later.


Anyway, on the topic of ranking.

It is a difficult subject to discuss simply due to the lack of transparency on how it works.


We know that there is a system that tracks your wins and losses; however, from what I’ve seen there are few (if any) people who understand how it works.

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About the ranking, a couple of months ago I had tried to find out how the "score" you see in the Data section of your profile is computed (by checking it before and after every match), and discovered that, in versus mode: for each victory you get +3 points, for each defeat resulting in a loser's bonus wheel you get +1 point, while for a defeat which gives no bonus wheel (for example, because you immediately resigned) you get 0 points.


In tournament mode, the normal score is computed as above, but the "Tournament score" appears to get a +12 when you finish first, a +7 when you end up second and 0 when you get 5th-8th place (after a while, I got bored and didn't try finishing 3th-4th).


Keep in mind that this is based on limited data (and it's entirely possible that they have changed the mechanics since I made those tests), so it may be inaccurate or just plain wrong.

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