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How to get more tokens?


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Hey I didn't know where else to put this. 
I want to get trainer tokens efficiently however when i get into versus mode

it seems like it's totally random which tokens are on the wheel.

I mean i can have a hard time and win in the last second and all i get is one token. 

I mean if i forfeit i get 1 and 2 from the wheel... so this seems to be really unfair after a 12 minute match. 

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list of ways to get more tokens:


Win a game get 6+


lose a game get 1+


structure deck games are more easier when you just started but winning chances are random.


Some daily challenges give you +35 or +60 when you complete them.


first battle of the day +10


Login each day give you these in order 

day 1: +5

day 2: +10

day 3: +15

day 4: 1 ticket

day 5: pack


Those are all the ways i know how to get tokens.

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