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Thoughts on Xerneas/Aromatisse/Mewtwo-ex deck


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I have not seen anyone playing this deck setup... atleast in my own experience. I made one and i find great success with it even against popular deck formats.



Mewtwo-ex x3

Xerneas x2

Aromatisse x2

spirtzee x2

Yanmega #4 x2

Yanma x2           I use Yanmega #4 for swooping in and busting up annoying anti-EX cards.


Trainers    Some of the trainer numbers are weird just because i dont have a lot of cards.

Evosoda x2

Ultra ball x3

Energy retrieval x2

Switch x2

Roller skates x4

Bicycle x2

Acro bike x1

Steven x3

Professor BIrche's Observations x1

Lysandre x1

Pokemon fan club x1

N x2

Colress x2

Muscle band x3

Fairy Garden x3



Double colorless x2

Fairy energy x13


I dont know why more people dont use this fairy format... Thoughts?

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Hello FriendlyHate :)


Aromatisse is very commonly used to make the core of a deck with big attackers which can utilize aromatisse's ability.

Mewtwo EX is very commonly used in these decks as a hard hitting attacker, along with others, hence giving it a common name as 'Fairy Toolbox' :D.


Just depending on Mewtwo EX to take the KOs is a little risky, since it has a very common weakness (which is itself, LOL), and hence easily gets a return KO at the least.


I would suggest you to take a look at that deck for editing yours accordingly, which is easily available on the net by the name i mentioned.


Most anti-EXs are easily KOed by Xerneas XY itself, so i suggest bumping it to 3.

Yanmega line wont be needed, so you now have more room for draw support.


I would also do -3 Steven, since it is a very underwhelming supporter, and do +3 Fan Club Instead.


it would also be best to bump the Ultra Balls to 4, and add another 1-1 line of Aromatisse.


Also, -2 Double Colorless Energy(DCE), -2 Fairy and +4 Rainbow Energy, as is the main focus of the deck.


I also see that you do not have any ACE SPEC in your deck.

I would suggest Dowsing Machine, if you can get it.


Let me know how it goes :)



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ty so much man. that was all very good advice and i will try my best to get those cards. I am newer so i dont have alot of cards yet but i will try to edit accordingly TY.

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