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Just wanting some friendly advice and such on my deck


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Been goofing around with a deck.   Just reading and such.  Trying to figure out what is good and what cards I do have that are worth using.  Done a little bit of trading.  So far this is what I have.  Last year I was doing Zekrom/Emboar/Gothitelle.  Had to reinstall so I lost my deck list on that, and failed at rebuilding it lol   So here is my poor attempt at a new deck.


4x Zekrom

1x Trubbish

1x Garbodor

3x Seismitoad


2x Crushing Hammer

1x Cassius

4x Cheren

2x Colress

2x Lysandre

4x N

1x Pokemon Center Lady

1x Pokemon Fan Club

4x Professor Sycamore

2x Shauna

4x Team Flare Grunt

2x Trevor

1x Xerosic

2x Magnetic Storm

4x Muscle Band


4x Double Energy

4x Rainbow Energy

4x Lightning Energy

4x Water Energy

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Is it winning over 50% of your games. If it is then its a good deck. Not great, but good. Generally, I have found winning percentages determine if a deck is good, not what people say. My experience is wins approximately 20-35% is a theme or bad deck, 36-50% is an average deck, 51-60% is a good deck, and above 60% wins is a keeper deck.


What does everyone else think?

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If you are running a garbotoxin then why only have 4 tools? And muscle bands at that, are you going to be attacking with garbodor? Also run skylas maybe take out 2-3 cherens and throw in skylas to help you get your tool or a supporter when needed

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I recommend losing some energy.  Double colourless is pretty much all you need and maybe 3 Electric 3 Water or a few more.  To my mind Muscle Band makes sense, Outrage and Quaking Punch are pretty much the main weapons and once you've got a Zekrom/Seismitoad EX or two set up, equipped with Muscle Band, you've got one left over for Garbodor when (and if. . . ) it appears.  The rest of the time though, unfortunately, you will be trying to decide which supporter to play.  Since the other focus of your deck appears to be disruption of your opponent with offense based non draw supporter cards my position is that you have too many draw supporters which will clog your hand while you try this important second part of the strategy. It appears that you fear item-lock yourself and have chosen to use supporters almost exclusively, does that work for you?  I would replace many with roller-skates say, so you can still use the Grunts and take advantage of some other disruptive items.  2 x Enhanced Hammer is not a bad gamble: special energies are so good there is nearly always a target for them.  Maybe try Shaymin EX if you can afford it or Plasma Freeze Electrode with Magnetic Draw (maybe 2-2) that way you still can draw cards and use evil supporter cards.  Electrode would also be a good excuse for a float stone or two (good for Garbodor).

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