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Image Upload Suggestion - 2


Image Upload Feature  

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Hey there,


I am back once with my another amusing suggestion . Recently i have been asking to give an option to upload images but hopefully my suggestion did not receive much accurate suggestion so below is my inscribed suggestion :


Firstly give us an option to upload images then we will upload the required images / screenshots , after that before they successfully appear in forums they can be verified by the mods whether the uploaded content is moderate or not . Once they get verified by mods , then the uploaded content will get appear by itself to the community and if someone uploads any dreadful content then the mods can block their uploaded content (aka images). And i want this image upload feature to be applies to signatures as well.


Hopefully i did not ask for something bad but image upload feature will hopefully make some threads alive and good looking :).


We can also use this same image upload feature with bug reports too . For example say that card X is having same image as card Y and if its a bug so in this case we can upload the screenshot and it will also help many others player too along with the dev_team. If anyone face any similar bug so they can identify that bug by seeing the screenshot and prevent creation of separate threads.


As always if anyone did not like my suggestion then a big sorry from me :( but i really wish for this features to get implemented in forums so plz  mods hope u take this a little bit seriously :).


Please vote up my suggestion since your votes makes any suggestion get more value if u like it :) .



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Hi Aniketdianafury,


Thanks for your well-thought-out and constructive suggestions! While I can't say that this rule would change any time soon, I will certainly pass your thoughts along to the Dev team for consideration.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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