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Anti Reshiram/Zekrom Deck


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Basically what it sounds like.


22 Pokemon:


2-2-2 Tyranitar Prime (mountain eater larvitar and boost gas pupitar)


4-4 Zoroark


3-3 Mandibuzz


2 Smeargle/Cleffa/Manaphy (I don't know which one is best)


12 Energy:


4 Special Dark




4 Dark


26 Trainers


18 Items:


2 Dual Ball


4 Junk arm


4 Pokemon Communication


3 Pokemon Reversal (catcher when it comes out)


3 Pluspower


2 Energy Retrieval


8 Supporters


3 Collector




2 Juniper


Anything i need to add or take out?


By the way, i'm not going to use this deck, i hope it will help other people beat reshiram and zekrom.


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