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Too much cache


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Hi. This is technically not a bug so I think it goes here, please move it if I am wrong.


The thing is I think you should change the way the game stores all the images. I think it is not a professional way to do this.

I mean, lets see the game main folder, it occupies around 500MB. Now lets see the game directory at Users... It is around 5GB and I have not even downloaded all the card cache.


Besides what I have said about being professional, it can produce some problems. For example, I have a hard drive, which is not very big, where a have only my operative system; I save everything else in another hard drive. 

I installed the game in there and about two days later I started to receive messages that I have low space on my hard drive. I investigated about some way to solve this, I couldn't so I contacted support and they told me there was no solution.


Basically even though I have installed the game in a specific hard drive, it is like it was installed in another one, from where I can't move it.


What I suggest is to change the card cache address to the game main folder. It is not a hard thing to do and I think would be very good.


Thanks for reading.




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