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Suggestion: specific card-based challanges


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I want to suggest the following:


For higher-level trainers, there should be daily challenges that involve winning challenges (or at least KOing opponents in challenges) using decks that have high counts of specific cards in them. Ideally, these should be Pokemon or trainer cards that are not that popular in competitive play or in top decks E.g.


  • Win 5 battles with decks that contain a 4 copies of Target Whistle
  • Win 5 battles with decks that contain 4 copies of Goodra
  • KO 10 Pokemon in battles with decks that contain 3 copies of Healing Scarf


Why is this a good idea?


Well, firstly, we do need some more variety in challenges.


But there is a second and more important reason. For me, the best thing about the challenges is not winning stuff, it is that it makes me play decks that otherwise I might not play. I've experimented with various Golbat decks only so I can do Psychic challenges, and it's turned out to be pretty fun. I've developed a really good Primal Kyogre list doing water challenges. Again, fun! Having Pokemon or trainer-based challenges would add a whole new dimension to this. There are so many Pokemon out there that I never quite get round to trying. And so many cool trainers that I could use, I just need a little prompting. It's also a particularly fun deck-building task- to start with one particular card and build the best possible deck around it 


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The problem is, that those challenges are two specific to work for everyone.

To be more precise, even with a small collection you should be able to get most of the challenges done rather easily. Maybe the 3XP KO challenge would be difficult if you don't own strong cards of a certain type of Pokemon, but other than that it's doable.


This also means that the level of a player ( as you suggested those quests to be available only at a higher level, lets say 20+) doesn't necessary reflect his collection.


I guess you see where I'm going with this..... if you don't happen to own the specific trainer / pokemon cards, or simply don't own 4 copies of them, then you are unable to fulfil the requirements for such a challenge, which is very counter-intuitive.



Another problem I see with this, is that this challenge more or less reads as “Cut 3-4 cards in a good deck for a card that you'd usually never play, win X games with this build and then hope to God that you'll never have to do this again”.

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I hate daily challenges and I have been stuck on one that says I have to play 6 psychic Pokemon in one game. I would like the daily challenges to go away or let people skip one if they don't like it or there should be at least the option to let people buy all the stuff you get for free doing the daily challenges in shop. 

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