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Last five minute recording (or 10/15 )


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so I was thinking about how everyone finds a bug.. and everyone sits typing out a huge description on what happened.. what deck they were using.. and all kinds of stuff..


I was thinking about a temporary video recording in game (like continuously running) with a small amount of time saved- between 5-15 minutes


so all you'd have to do is go to say settings and click on "access video record" and you could look at what happened on your account on the past few minutes..


Note: when I say this I don't mean upload all this video directly, but rather mean local on your comp and keep overwriting it


this would help in:


1. report our bugs in game and stuff (it'd even help developers with their bug fixes since instead of reading through a huge page, they could instead look at a short video with the bug pinpointed with a "time of occurrence" so they can skip to it, and allow them to recreate the bug themselves instead of scratching their heads wondering what some guy rambling on for pages means and how he did it)


2. report people who misuse the fact that you can't trace a battle back to a person..


I have recently played a battle against a person in which he said some rather unpleasant words in Spanish and then after I didn't understand, again in English, and then had time to say bye and then quit before I could report him.. it's very awkward how the system here lets these people get away with it and a simple video report with a pinpointed time would be easy to judge


3. locate someone you liked- if you really hit it off with someone during a match... and you tell each other you're gonna friend each other, but mistype it or something.. you can look back and check what it was


4. save/relive a favourite battle- there was this one battle I really loved back a long time ago- me and my opponent had fought down to our last poke each, neither could attack- sigilyph with no energy left vs pyroar with energy on it- he had no energy left in deck and I had no pokemon left- it was always gonna be an intuitive battle.. finally I managed to beat him with a surprise N to finish his deck off..


those kind of moments always warm your heart and i'd really love it if ptcgo let us export videos automatically captured by game- just like battle logs


anyways let me know how you guys feel about this idea :)

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Great Idea. Most of the points for actually needed by the players. And I never thought a short video could provide so many purposes. Thumbs up for the idea :) I hope it gets implemented :)

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Hey there!

I'd like to add that you can export your game log to aid in bug reporting. This can be done by expanding the Social Menu, clicking the Game Log tab, and clicking Export at the bottom of that screen. That saves it to your Clipboard so you can paste it into a word document and save it. :)

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