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Advice for colorless type deck


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Hello there I would like somebody to give me some advice on making a colorless type deck.

PS: I have a rayquaza EX (colorless) and a Kangashkan EX.


Thx in advance  ^_^

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Mega Rayquaza, Rayquaza and Altaria from Roaring Skies. Shaymin EX from Roaring Skies. Wouldn't even bother with kangashkan, it's outdated now and gets knocked out easily.

Deck is very fast paced, every time you put a shaamin on the bench you have the option to draw cards. Get as many pokemon on the bench as possible-playing with sky field to allow 8 pokemon on bench. Mrays (colourless) attack is 30x the number of pokemon on your bench, 30x9=240, nothing is going to survive that. You could play ninetales to stop other people playing stadiums. Altaria ability means that colourless pokemon don't have weakness-mrayquaza biggest threat will me megamanectric (turbobolt will do 220 damage, enough to knock out)

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Pick an energy that you can benefit from, free retreat with fairy garden and accelerate with Xerneas, darkness energy with Darkrai, Shadow Circle and accelerate with Yveltal or use leaf energy and protect your pokemon from special conditions and accelerate with Virizion EX.  Use metal energy and Bronzong and so on.

Kangaskhan EX can draw cards for you, so it's nice to start with.  Try Swellow with Delta Plus ancient trait maybe.

Obviously bring Winona, the Roaring  Skies Altaria would be nice, none of those cards is too expensive,unlike Shaymin EX.  Rayquaza EX is an awesome one energy attacker against opponent EX cards, but it's second attack has a terrible drawback and not that great damage output, I'd use it though, I have one in an M Manectric EX / Zapdos deck.  Lots of people play EX and 60 damage for 1 energy is pretty sweet. 

My advice? Muscle Band. also try to use some of the new colourless as well as a few older so not all your pokemon are weak to one thing (fighting or electric).

Tornadus (FFI) is one of my favourite colorless pokemon it's a great basic.  Legendary treasures Swellow has a useful ability as well.

Use 4 Double Colourless.  You might as well use some extra pokemon that can help that use whatever basic energy you choose  for your 'normal' pokemon.

The full skyfield Rayquaza thing is very expensive.

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Obviously M Ray is the best colorless deck and one of the best decks in the format, but its also the most expensive deck in the format. 


If you want something fairly cheep and fun, try a Slacking deck. Amnesia is a great attack. It hits for 50 a locks out one of the opponents attacks. This a great against Mega's, which all have just a single attack.


You can do it with something like


3X3X3 Slacking

4 Miltank




3X1X3 Slacking

3X1X3 Sceptile


Use some energy discards like Hammers and Team Flare Grunt. This makes it easier to lock people down, because you can take away enough energy to prevent use of their big attack and then lock out their small attack.

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