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Many cards up for grabs!


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These are a few of the cards I have for trade right now. Just send me offers in-game or even list them on this thread, whatever better suits your preference. To the left of the card’s name is the quantity, the parenthesis specify the card, and to the right of the parenthesis is the value I’m looking for. The values are just a starting line. Feel free to send me any offers you have!



4x Meloetta-EX (LT-Full Art) – 1 pack each

1x Mew-EX (LT-Full Art) – 1 pack

1x Thundurus-EX (PLF-Regular Art) – 2 packs

3x Camerupt-EX (PC-Full Art) – 3 packs each

1x Gengar-EX (PHF-Full Art) – 5 packs

2x Jirachi-EX (PB-Full Art) – 6 packs each

1x Kyogre-EX (PC-Full Art) – 5 packs

2x Primal Kyogre-EX (PC-Full Art) –5 packs

2x Dialga-EX (PHF-Secret Rare) – 6 packs each

1x M’ Gengar-EX (PHF-Secret Rare) – 3 packs

1x M' Latios-EX (RS-Regular Art) – 2 packs (Prefer Roaring skies but what ever you got is fine)


1x Colress (PS-Full Art) – 14 packs


.::Rares::. (Additional provided cards are added on at no additional cost)

2x Cacturne (Plasma Freeze-Rapid fire needles) – 1 pack for both !Cacnea provided!

2x Eelektrik (PC-Ancient trait) – 1 pack each !Tynamo provided!

2x Exeggutor (PF-Blockade) – 1 pack for both !Exeggcute provided!

1x Team Plasma Glaceon (PF-Freeze zone) – 1 pack !Eevee provided-I have many of different sets!

3x Gorebyss (PC-Ancient trait) – 0.5 packs each !Clamperl provided!

3x Jellicent (BC-Stickiness ability) – 0.5 packs each !Frillish provided!

1x Ludicolo (PC-Ancient trait) – 1 pack !Lotad and Lombre provided!

1x Magcargo (PC-Ancient trait) – 0.5 packs !Slugma provided!

4x Medicham (PC-Ancient trait) – 1 pack each !Meditite provided!

3x Mr. Mime (PF-Bench barrier ability) – 1 pack each (I have 1 non-holo and 2 reverse-holo)

3x Nidoqueen (PC-Ancient trait) – 1 pack each !Nidoran and Nidorina provided!

1x Politoed (Furious Fists-King’s song ability) – 1 pack !Poliwag provided!

1x Unfezant (PC-Ancient trait) – 1 pack !Pidove and Tranquil provided!

4x Sceptile (PC-Nurture and heal ability) – 1 pack each !Treecko and Grovyle provided!


 .::0.5 pack value Pokémon::.

1x Kecleon (Plasma Freeze-Color change ability)

1x Kingdra (Primal Clash)

1x Team Plasma Krookodile (Plasma Freeze)


.::Pack Ratios and Price Guide::.
10 : 1 HeartGold & SoulSilver, Unleashed, Undaunted, Triumphant, Call of Legends
1.75 : 1 Black & White Base Set
1.3 : 1 Black & White Noble Victories; Black & White Plasma Freeze
1 : 1 Standard Packs: Black & White Next Destinies; Black & White Dark Explorers; Black & White Boundaries Crossed; Black & White Plasma Blast; XY Roaring Skies
0.9 : 1 Black & White Dragons Exalted;
0.8 : 1 Primal Clash; Black & White Plasma Storm;
0.67 : 1 XY Phantom Forces; XY Furious Fists
0.5 : 1 XY FlashFire; XY Base Set; Black & White Legendary Treasures; Black & White Emerging Powers

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i have some cards that r 1 pack but not EX will u take 2 for that m latios EX rs

What cards are you talking about?

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Guest Revolutionary04

What cards are you talking about?

any random foils but nvm I don't need it any more I want FA
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