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Tournament Suggestions


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While these On-Demand Tournaments are wonderful, there may be some potential features which will encourage more tournament play!


1) Larger Tournaments

8 player tournaments small and quick, but sometimes we find ourselves wanting to play more than 3 rounds, and also wanting to obtain larger prizes. Here is a following layout of a 16-person tournament, 4 ticket entry:


1st: (3) Booster Packs + Weekly Promo

2nd: (3) Booster Packs

3rd/4th: (2) Booster Packs

5th - 8th: (1) Booster Pack

9th - 16th: (1) Tournament Chest


(2) 8 person tournaments, which ends up in the same 64 ticket entry total, will award, 14 Booster Packs, and 8 Tournament Chests. By adding a weekly promo to the prize pool, in exchange for the players' time, it will give more incentive to join larger tournaments, as well as provide more excitement as they are harder to win!
The weekly promo should provide tradable versions of cards such as the Eevee & Evolutions from the Sylveon Collection Box, which holds some collectors' value, but not cards like Ducklett BW17, which should be meant for the wheel. It is also important that cards such as Regirock and Ditto, previously obtainable store promos are not awarded as they were previously obtainable.


2) Impact on the Road to World Championships

In the VGC, Pokemon hosts Premier Challenges, which are online tournaments for players to earn Championship Points? Why not for the TCG too! It does not have to award several points, in fact it should only give a little incentive.


Having a cap of 256 players, where players can battle, and moderators can check whether anyone is cheating will ensure a good, and fun tournament. Here is a layout of how much CP should be awarded (assuming to earn an invite is 300 CP for masters) (Best Finish Limit: 2)


1st: 12 CP + 36 Online Booster Packs

2nd: 10 CP + 18 Online Booster Packs

3rd/4th:  8 CP + 12 Online Booster Packs

5th - 8th: 6 CP +  9 Online Booster Packs

9th - 16th: 4 CP + 6 Online Booster Packs

17th - 32nd: 2 CP + 4 Online Booster Packs

33rd - 64th: 2 Online Booster Packs


This will encourage competitive players to use PTCGO as their means of playing instead of other resources for testing, (which from a business stand point is great). From a player stand point, those who already use PTCGO as a means of training will benefit even more! These tournaments should only be hosted a few times per year, just like the premier challenges!


3) Unique Tournaments

P!P lists Pokemon Prereleases as "Sanctioned" Events, and award Play Points for them. People who enter prereleases have fun with the limited format where they build a deck using their 6 packs. (This also applies to Booster Drafts). Many people would appreciate alternate format tournaments, such as, 

-Build a deck out of these X packs

-Booster Drafts

-Professor Cup Formats


Sometimes after long trading hours and battling in Expanded/Standard/Unlimited, we all wish we can play an alternate, fun format. If Booster Draft-like formats are added, they would have huge success, just like Booster Drafts in the actual world. In other digital TCGs, the drafts are popular! If the development team decides to input drafting, their efforts will be much appreciated a lot more than changing public trading, and creating a bunch of bugs for example :)

Thank you for reading this long thread, and I hope some of these ideas will be considered in your near future :)

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Hi there!

Interesting ideas! ^^ I'll submit them to the Dev team for consideration and leave your thread open for futher discussion.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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