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Buying HGSS-COL Foil Trainers


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Hi, I am looking to Buy some HGSS-COL Foil cards.  I am Buying the following:


Foil Pokemon Collector - 5 RS packs
Foil Super Scoop Up (hgss) - 5 RS packs
Foil Professor Oak's New Theory - 4 RS packs
Foil Junk Arm - 4 RS packs
Foil Seeker - 3 RS packs
Foil Lost Remover - 1 RS pack
Foil Pokemon Communication (hgss) - 1 RS pack
Any Smeargle - 3 RS packs

Shaymin (hgss) - 2 RS packs

If you want to sell me any of the above cards just send me the offer in game & I will accept whenever I am online.  I am paying in RS packs only.  Thanks :)

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