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Jirachi(RS) deserves a deck


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  I don't know if someone already figured how to build a deck around the concept of not letting the opponent retreat, either standard or expanded. It's usefull if you want to use Beedrill's Allergic Shock or Jirachi's Doom Desire as main attackers :P And maybe it ensures a fast win. If you did manage and don't care to share, be my guest (although the fun is to find out on our own). Anyways, here is my concept, it's gotta be expanded though:



  In one hand Beedrill's Allergic Shock (during your next turn, if the defending pokémon is damaged by an attack, it is knocked out) costs one energy and no need to discard it, has more HP than Jirachi (evolved too), but has to retreat next turn (if it wasn't KO'd) for the next active pokémon to attack, which would be maybe Dunsparce with Dig (flip a coin, if heads prevent all effects of attacks including damage done to this pokémon during your opponents next turn) dealing 10 damage, Shedinja with Empty Shell / Cursed Drop (if this pokémon is KO'd your opponent can't take any prize card for it / put 3 damage counters on opponent's pokémon in any way you like), or any other pokémon that may not be knocked out or something like that due to attack effects. In any case all of these pokémon have 0 retreat costs and use only 1 energy to attack.


  But...if you wanna build a deck around non-retreating concept maybe the best is to asleep, confuse and poison using Malamar-EX (no intro needed) and Sporeprise Amoonguss (when you play this pokémon from hand to evolve 1 of your pokémon you may use this ability. If you do your opponent's active pokémon is now confused and poisoned)... and this is where i need help, the supporting pokémon or trainers! Is there any ability that paralyzes the opponents active from the bench, like in malamar-ex or amoonguss?


  In any case, having malamar ex + amoonguss line + beedrill line + dunsparce + shedinja line is way too complicated. And this is where the "other hand" is weighed...


...Jirachi from RS: basic, 70 hp, search for 1 card between the top 7, KO the active opponent at the end of next turn and discard 2 energy, 1 retreat, fire weak and psychic resistance, unaffected by some opponent's tools (like rock guards etc). No need to retreat and attack with other pokémon like in Beedrill, but low hp may be a problem if the opponent wakes up, even if it doesn't retreat and get KO'd anyway.


  I thought of adding to Jirachi a float stone, bronzong, malamar-ex, amonguss, devolution spray, sableye, level ball so you set up via sableye and level balls, boost jirachis via bronzongs and retreat with float, and are able to attach to malamar-ex from hand and devolve amoonguss to re-evolve the next turn. It's a cycle. It will always be weak to Switches and Escape Ropes though...but consider it as a risk, otherwise it wouldn't be funny.


  But the real issue for me in this deck is to build the correct mechanics for it's success, and as i'm not gonna spend 10 hours reading all the cards available in PTCGO my questions are:

- does anyone know a card that paralyzes without being active/attacking?

- does anyone know a better way for this non-retreating engine to work?

- would it be preferable to use Jirachi, or Beedrill + attacker?

- in Beedrill's case, is there any better attacker besides Dunsparce from BC or Shedinja from DRX?


  I've tried to play with jirachi and think it's fun to play, although the results are weak without the non-retreating engine...my opponents were always retreating and in the end i win with cobalion-ex or something cause they have no more energies attached xD

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I think the best way to prevent retreating is the combination of Hypnotoxic Laser and Dragalge. The Laser poisons your opponent's Active Pokémon right away, and Dragalge's Ability, Poison Barrier, renders your opponent's Poisoned Pokémon unable to retreat, thus keeping them in place for Doom Desire's effect.


There are three Pokémon that can easily thwart this, though: Keldeo-EX, Virizion-EX, and Wobbuffet. Keldeo can just shove the Poisoned 'mon out of the way, Virizion shuts out the poison Dragalge needs to keep 'em trapped, and Wobbuffet just shuts off Poison Barrier by being Active. The best counter to all three of them is Silent Lab; since they're all basic Pokémon, they lose the Abilities they need to disrupt you, while the Stage 1 Dragalge gets to keep its Poison Barrier.


However, until we get Vileplume in Ancient Origins (which is similar to this Vileplume), you won't have any real way to shut out cards like Switch, which can still disrupt you.

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Great idea! I've had this very same idea in the past but somehow just forgot it and got stuck to malamar ex + amoong******




Dragalge + laser + lab is awesome, though Garbodor isn't a basic, but since i'm already using sableye i can even get the lasers from discard. Then malamar-ex to make them sleep and reduce the chance they attack my Jirachi in between turns, while i boost this last with 2 bronzongs and retreat with float stone between jirachis. Will need Lysandre or poké catcher to deal with Garbos then.




It's almost unbeatable this way, considering not everyone uses switches or escape ropes. But it's just the theory, so i gotta try it out. Only problem is...people will get sick of not playing and will concede...that's what used to happen' with pyroar/archeops deck. It's a good deck for tourneys then :P

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This is the current list, yet to be tested cause i'm missing 2 cards:


Pokémon (15):


- 4 jirachi RS

- 3 bronzor PHF

- 2 bronzong PHF

- 2 skrelp FLF

- 2 dragalge FLF

- 2 sableye DEX


Trainers (36):

- 2 compressor

- 1 energy switch

- 2 evosoda

- 4 laser

- 4 level ball

- 2 pokémon catcher

- 1 prof letter

- 2 repeat ball

- 4 trainer's mail

- 2 colress

- 2 N

- 1 lysandre

- 1 fan club

- 1 poké center lady

- 4 float stone

- 3 silent lab


Energies (9):

- 2 dark

- 7 metal


Watching the list like this seems to need some alterations... maybe some cards could be replaced...too many different cards. Care to criticize?

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The one with Block ability I guess !


Right, but it's ability only works if it's the active pokémon, which can't be cause it's jirachi. Dragalge + laser + silent lab seems a good engine, with sableye to help setting up and bronzong to attach energies.


Maybe it's a good deck to face the Kindergarten Gym...

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I went over your list, and tried rebuilding it the way I'd build my decks. Here's what I came up with:


4 Jirachi

3 Bronzor

3 Bronzong

2 Skrelp

2 Dragalge

2 Sableye


1 Computer Search

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

3 Silent Lab

3 Float Stone

3 Level Ball

2 Ultra Ball

2 VS Seeker

1 Professor's Letter

1 Sacred Ash

1 Startling Megaphone


4 N

3 Juniper/Sycamore

2 Colress

2 Skyla

2 Lysandre


7 Metal Energy

3 Darkness Energy


Battle Compressor was an interesting idea, but I don't think it's all that necessary in this deck, especially when Jirachi itself will be doing enough discarding to get another Jirachi ready through Metal Links. Energy Switch was also not too relevant here.


I went with 3 Level Balls and 2 Ultra Balls (needed for Dragalge) for five Poké-searching cards, which should be enough for the deck. I also added Computer Search as the deck's ACE SPEC, since it lets you get whatever you need.


Pokémon Catchers just aren't good anymore, especially with all the Item-locking around (Toad, Trev, and soon, Vileplume), so you're best off sticking to Lysandre. If you need to re-use it (or any other Supporter), VS Seeker lets you do that.


You'll notice that there's a much higher number of Supporters in my build. That's because most decks need a good amount of Supporters to draw consistently. Most of them are, as stated, for drawing cards; a few are for searching (Skyla) or controlling your opponent's field (Lysandre). Fan Club isn't necessary with the Balls, and Center Lady is just weak.



So that's how I'd build this.

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True i hadn't had the chance to use compressors and en.switch yet so first step would be removing them, as well as pokémon catchers. Ultra ball will discard if needed.


For ACE SPEC i rather use dowsing machine as the deck relies so much on laser and only get to have 4, in case sableye isn't ready...i just forgot including it :P


As for the drawing i guess you're right and i better use more supporters and less trainers as it's safer and more reliable that way, but i'll stick for 3 N, 3 colress, 2 juniper, 2 skyla, 1 lysandre, 4 vs...


Thanks for the heads up, cause the deck wasn't working that good. Let's see now with a re-build between your ideas and mine.

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Noo, don't use it in KG Gym. Its too fragile to be used. I already tested that deck long ago. Me and my friends currently battle every day in KG and you might be surprised but we have tried around most of the combinations and only 2-3 are coming good. In which I have tried Jirachi. But you can use only 4 ! What next ? Jirachi can actually OHKOd in the next turn. Coming up with a single attacker is the worst choice in KG Gym. If you want to see, read the match reports of past KG matches and you may encounter gym leaders stating due to absence of second attacker, the challenger was completely outmatched :( So Either synergize it with something else, that hasn't been in my mind !


I hope it helps :)

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Well i gotta tell you the deck is working better with SharKing319's intervention, though i made it a little different. But, most of all, more supporters get the game rolling by and there was in fact no need for compressor or energy switch.


I had to add a Sableye to the list cause it's very important, and reduced bronzong to 2-2. The ideal bench would be 1 Draggalge, 2 Bronzong, 2 Jirachi, but in some point in the game i need Sableye again (used mainly to setup) to get me the lasers i need. Dowsing machine helps in this task.


As for the KG, maybe synergize it will be a good idea, or then sacred ash jirachis back to deck...?


Well i have been working a lot this late days but i hope i have some free time to test some decks, which is what i always enjoyed most, and now that i found this forum my decks will certainly improve by a lot :D

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Well thing is mew doesn't have that much more hp (70 hp -> 120 hp) and is worth 2 prizes. Plus psychic weakness is a problem, AND i run silent lab. Could use sableye and jirachi's attacks, ok, thats good. But only that. 

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