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Zoroark Skyfield for Expanded


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I've been playing a really fast, and really fun Zoroark deck lately in Expanded.


Pokemon: 17


4 Zorua DEX

4 Zoroark DEX

3 Sableye DEX

3 Spiritomb LTR

2 Yveltal XY

1 Darkrai EX


Trainer: 33


Dowsing Machine

4 Juniper

3 N

3 Colress

1 Lysandre

4 Level Ball

3 Dark Patch

3 VS Seeker

2 Repeat Ball

1 Evosoda

1 Sacred Ash

1 Switch

2 Silver Bangle

4 Sky Field


Energy: 10


6 Darkness Energy





The basic strategy is pretty simple; Get out a Zoroark, get out 8 Benched Pokemon and hit for 180 damage (210 with Silver Bangle) every turn for [C][C].


Spiritomb LTR is there to gain extra draw power to help set up, with an ACE Spec blocking ability as a bonus. Sableye recycles Dark Patches, Level Balls and other items as well as provides you with a confusion attack in clutch situations. Baby Yveltal recycles energy and helps deal with Pokemon like Night Marchers or finishes off Megas. Darkrai EX is to allow you to easily retreat Baby Yveltals or Zoroark when the situation calls for it.

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 Hey Rakkis157!


 Nice deck, good idea and sounds fun!


 In the past i thought of Zoroark deck ideas but always limited to 120 damage (plus tools) and now with sky field all this kind of attacks gain power, like Florges-EX, Raichou and Ray col. Zoroark is also good for the 2nd attack but with sky field it's turned useless so to speak.


 I used to play a lot expanded too and only lately i've been into standard, so now i'm thinking maybe it is possible to configure this deck into a standard one without losing power. Ok, no Sableyes and level balls makes a huge difference, but maybe it is fast enough not to need sableye's junk hunt, and maybe it can set up with fan club and repeat ball or ultra ball for dark patch. Btw expanded is with no doubt the best format! A lot of cards available without those OP unlimited decks!

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-  Spiritomb LTR

+ Plasma Absol


Tried that once, and it didn't really work out. The problem is that Absol is a pretty terrible start compared to Spiritomb, and if we are running them in large volumes, we are bound to start with them quite often. The attack isn't as good as you can't make use of it with one attachment, and even with Dark Patch it is better to simply stream Zoroark after Zoroark than try to bring out an Absol.

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