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Server update | June 18, 2015


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On June 18, 2015 the Pokémon TCG Online Game Server was updated with the following changes:

  • The matchmaking system now tracks Theme Deck matches separately from custom deck matches. This change is intended to make transitioning from Theme Deck play to Standard, Expanded, or Unlimited play easier for new players.


  • Added support for progressing Daily Challenges and Special Challenges in Tournaments.

Trainer Challenge

  • Improvements to attack decision making for computer-controlled opponents.


  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused the game to soft lock when a popup window appeared as the result of a card effect, including Shaymin-EX’s Set Up Ability, Malamar-EX’s Hyper Hypnosis Ability, and the effect of the N Supporter card. 
  • Corrected an issue which prevented playing cards from the hand after the effect of an attack returned a non-Basic Pokémon to the hand.
  • The game now consistently applies damaging effects before healing effects when both effects occur simultaneously.
  • Hypnotoxic Laser can no longer be played for no effect while Virbank City Gym is in play.
  • Multiple copies of Team Magma Admin can no longer be played in a single turn after flipping heads for the effect of Venomoth’s Dizzying Wind attack.
  • Latios-EX’s Light Pulse attack no longer blocks the effects of Abilities.
  • The effect of Jirachi’s Doom Desire attack now ends properly when the affected Pokémon is moved to the Bench.
  • Jirachi’s Doom Desire attack has been updated to use the proper game logic for determining the winner of a match.
  • Escape Rope will now properly affect Benched Pokémon with the Omega Barrier Ancient Trait.
  • Mew-EX can now attack of the first turn when copying Deoxys’s Close Encounter attack with the Versatile Ability.
  • Mew-EX can now properly attack while Asleep when copying Musharna’s Dream Waltz attack with the Versatile Ability. 
  • Damage from Grumpig’s Bench Manipulation attack now correctly ignores Weakness and Resistance on the Defending Pokémon.
  • Jamming Net now correctly reduces the damage from Cobalion-EX’s Steel Bullet attack.
  • Pokémon that are not in play are no longer affected by Team Aqua’s Secret Base.
  • Yanmega’s Surprise Strike attack now does the correct amount of damage on the turn that it comes into play.
  • Using the effect of an attack from a Pokémon-EX to move an Energy card to a Pokémon with the Safeguard Ability now properly causes the Energy card to be discarded.
  • Carnivine’s Spit Squall attack no longer bypasses protection effects on the Defending Pokémon.
  • The Alpha Growth Ancient Trait now functions properly after attaching a Special Energy card.
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One additional item:



  • Decks containing Lysandre's Trump Card now properly validate to play in the Unlimited format.

    Known Issue: Lysandre's Trump Card continues to display the banned symbol over the top of the card while playing matches in the Unlimited format.
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