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Option to group your friends in friendslist


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Hi there,


I've added many people..

Some to challenge, some to trade, some I don't speak to no more, some I delete..

Basicly I got no idea who is who and why I added them , except for a handfull of players.

I'm pretty sure I am not the only one with this problem.


For this I've came up with an idea to put your those people in colored groups;


Maybe a Water, Grass, Fire, Fairy etc. etc.


For example..


I would use blue for my true friends

Green for the ones I trade with

Red for those who I add just to trade (and who I forgot to delete)

Dark I would use for people I added for challenges

Fairy, for those who new potential true friends..


and so on and so on..


Because I hate to delete all I don't know/can't remember once in a while and lose people I shouldnt lose on the list

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Hi BossJunioR,


That's a great suggestion! :) I'll submit it to the Dev team for consideration and leave your thread open in case you'd like to discuss your idea further.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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