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Trying To Compleate 100% In Game Collection Offering Packs


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1x Primal Clash Pack

10 Cards From My Wants Can Be Any 10 Cards From Pokemon/Trainers/Energy's

Other Packs Will Be Available Also Once I Get Some Such As
Flash Fire/XY/Phantom Forces/Furious Fist Ect:

As For Cards That Are 1 Pack Or More Please Make A Comment Of How Meany Packs You Are Requesting For It But At This Time Mainly Looking For The Bulk Cards I Need To Finish The Easy Part First Anyone That Can Help Me Out I Appreciate It Will Be Accepting The Offers If There Still Up When I Get A Chance To Accept Them So Sorry If Your Offer Was Missed.

How To Send Me Offers While Im Offline its Easy

1) Add Me As A Friend

2) Go To Create Trade / Friend Trade

3) Find My IGN Sora1992ex

4) Send Your Offer And Wait Till It Gets Accepted

5) Enjoy Your Packs And GL On The Pulls :D


Will Update When I Have Diffrent Kinds Of Packs As Of Right Now Just Send PC/RSK Offers Thank You

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