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Allow taking back stadiums, tools and special energies


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For some reason PTCGO lets you take back:

- regular energy attachments (barring those with a special effect like Rainbow Energy, any energy with Frozen City in play and other things that cause other effects to trigger)

- placing Pokemon on the bench (other than those with upon-benching Abilities like Shaymin EX ROS)


But not:

- stadiums

- tools

- Strong Energy and I'm sure a couple of other special energies


I fully understand why you would not let someone take back a stadium that replaces a Skyfield, as this causes all sorts of additional effects (people discarding Pokemon off their bench if they have 6 or more), but I'd really love to at least be able to take back stadiums that aren't replacing another stadium, or something as simple as a Float Stone or a Muscle Band. 

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Hello Mekkah!


Thank you for your feedback, I have passed it along to the development team for further review.


We appreciate your input!

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