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20 Free Booster Packs


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Hello Trainer!








If you are referring to your initial beta inventory; the 20 free online booster packs received will not be compensated back to your account as they are considered "loaned inventory" for the sake of testing during the closed beta period only.








I hope this answers your question!








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Hello. I also have a question about the free online booster packs...






How do we open / receive them? I know the time that I need to play to get them, but how do we really get the cards?


[The problem is: when a pokémon is burned it says first that is Knock Out, only then it flips the coin and gets the burn damage].


Thanks for all the answers...




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To answer your question(s) Jacklogion, you will be receiving random boosters in your collection according to how many reward packs that you have earned once the database is wiped. You can also start a new topic in in forums once you select a section and on the top right there should be a button that says "Start a New Topic." Finally you can submit a support ticket by clicking the link in my signature, clicking "Sign In" on the top right of the support page that it takes you to, and using the "Ask a Question" feature.




Hope that helps and thanks for your report!




Prof. Snow


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Need to report a bug or an issue? Submit a ticket to support.pokemon.com!


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what do you mean by random boosters?


how can i get some?



This thread is 8 months old, it is no longer relevent in any form as this has already ended. as we are in open beta at the moment, so please does Necro-Post Draggin up old threads


Can a mod please lock this?


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