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Consider randomizing the token amounts in tourney chests


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I have heard that the token amount can be from 5-100 in each tournament chest. My experience from opening 49 chests is that 44 of them were 5 tokens and 5 were 10 tokens. Please change them so they are truly equally weighted random and average a higher amount such as 50.




Also, only put uncommon trainers, rares, some ultra rares in the box. Uncommon stage 1 pokemon do little to help strengthen a deck and can easily be traded for with trainers or rares.




Lets look at the current prize structure for the normal 4 ticket tournament:


5-8 places= Tournament chest- estimated token value ~ 25-30 if I am generous and consider the chance or getting a good card in it.




3-4 places= 1 random pack -estimated coin value ~ 300 since it could cost *** for 2 non-tradeable 5 card XY only pack and they are tradable and you could get a plasma or BC pack




2nd place= 2 packs~600 based on my opinions above




1st place= 3 packs~ 900 based on opinons above




As a frequent public trader, I preferred the token only consolation prize. It at least enabled you to enter the token tourney. Please increase the token amount in the chests!

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Hey FinnDaddy!


We appreciate your suggestion. I have sent a note along to the development team so they may review it further.


Thank you!

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