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[GENERAL] Other - Game lagging and freezing during matches


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Today I'm trying to play some TCGO matches, but a problem is ruining my experience. At first one single freeze happened: I activated Swampert's Ability and the game didn't proceed anymore. Then, trying new matches, every single move has been super slow, taking 10-15 seconds to complete. And some of these moves got so slow that the game gave me a lost match authomatically.


My internet connection seems alright, with great ping and a decent 6MB download. These are my normal internet data, I play everyday perfectly with 6MB download and 30-40 ping, but today doesn't seem like a good one. I don't know what the problem may be, but I supposed it may depend from the game itself. Please notice that there are no relevant issues with Deck Builder, Trades and other TCGO functions. Just the matches seem to be ruined. I hope to receive some help,





EDIT: in a new match, after this usual slowness, the game totally disconnected me from the current match! The internet connection is PERFECTLY fine, my brother was playing a game and browsing internet at the same time of the disconnection. What is happening is actually frustrating and I'll try to use the TCGO again later.

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Typically slowdowns like what you describe are more related to your machine or platform.


Are you playing on a PC, Mac or iPad?


Have you restarted recently?


Are there other programs or apps running in the background?  If so close them (or better yet, restart to clear everything out).


I hope that helps!

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