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my take on the new rayquaza


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basically this is just taking a bunch of good stuff from roaring skies and throwing in trevenant cause it has such great synergy with togekiss (but if theres any better beater for 3 energy please tell me lol i know genesect with megalo cannon is a pretty good alternative but trevenant is cheaper plus the full art is awesome lol)

3x trevenent ex primal clash
4x togepi roaring skies
4x togetic roaring skies
4x togekiss delta evolution roaring skies
3x rayquaza ex colorless roaring skies
3x mega rayquaza ex colorless roaring skies
4x shaymin ex roaring skies

14 grass energy (check out the holos from ex emerald, power keepers and holon phantoms those 3 sets had the best looking energies out of the entire game)

2x lysandre
2x shauna (testing this cause n is rotating soon)
3x juniper/sycamore (trust me you dont want 4 youd deck out too fast)
3x colress (the BEST draw card in the deck once you get your field set up)
4x ultra ball=consistency since im not playing commputer search
3x rayquaza spirit link
3x sky field
1x scramble switch this card has single-handedly won me soooooo many games cause id switch from a full powered trevenant up against something it couldnt beat and bam scramble switch to mega rayquaza

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i mean you could also put keldeo ex in there cause it does the same damage as trev-ex although keldeo isnt good against any deck in particular while trev-ex is good against seismitoad

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