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成立一個專交換卡的LINE群 方便中文玩家


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Translation of OP's post:
He wants to basically set up a special get together on PTCGO to exchange cards with other Chinese users.
He wants users to add him in game, and message him there, apparently.


Translation of My post:
This is an English speaking Pokemon Forum, most people here won't understand Chinese.
Just a friendly gesture to inform you.



I've already reported this thread since this is after all, an English speaking forum.
I'm personally unsure which direction to point this user towards, that task I will leave to our moderating team.

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:) Hello

Actually we do have Chinese Discuss Groups of TCGO for 2 years, 

and we do hold summer tournament and winter tournament on TCGO twice a year


However I think the rules in this offical forum is "you can't post other website link here".

so I can't give you the link.

but you still can either search "PTCGO Chinese Trading Inc(PTCGO华人商会)" in QQ

or search "pokemon card collection(口袋卡牌收藏贴吧)" in Google.

;) And we welcome all the TCGO player who can speak Chinese join us:)

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