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need help on my bat deck


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What trainers should i put in this deck. also should i throw my sharpedo ex in here as well? or maybee wobbafett


4x zubat

4x golbat

4x crobat

4x noibat


1x malamar ex


21 pokemon


have no idea on trainers



4x double dragon

4x rainbow

8x psychic

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I don't know really what Noivern does (attacks the bench but I don't remember exactly) and probably is your main attacker but the basic trainers should be:


3-4x N

3-4x Juniper/Sycamore

1-2x Colress

3-4x Skyla

2-4x Vs Seeker

3x Ultraball

2x Lysandre

2-3x Prof Birch or Shauna (or mix)

2x Muscle Bands

1x Silver Bangle

1x S. Megaphon


For this deck also:

4x Super Scoop Up

1x Scoop Up Cyclone (ACE SPEC)

2-4 AZ

1x Sacred Ash

2-3x Rare Candy



Stadium: 2-3x Dimensional Valley



The "problem" is that you're running a lot of energies and a ton of pokémon (and Evo lines). I run 38 trainers in my bats. Is more than the usual but you only have 23 spots for that, and should be close to 30. (I listed 33 if you choose the low number of each). You will have to cut somewhere.


A 3-3 Noivern line should be more than enough (and you win 2 spots). Also I would cut 1 Colress (or both), the S Bangle and probably 0-1 Rare candy and the AZ as you want.


Did you thought in 1x Plasma Storm Crobat for draw supporting?

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In my personal opinion, you might want to cut your energy lines. The bats' energy costs are free, so -4 rainbow -1 dde -6 psychic, +6 dark and you are good to go.

Final results: 16 energy - 11 energy + 6 energy = 11 energy in total

There would be 5 spare spaces, in which you could fill in with speed cards like acro bike or bicycle.

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