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[CARD] Banette (Roaring Skies #32) - The Evolution Jammer attack doesn't block evolution via Rare Candy (Unnamed)


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I was playing Banette ROS and my opponent could evolve his pokèmon!?!?


"Your opponent can't play any Pokémon from his or her hand to evolve his or her Pokémon during his or her next turn."


It's okay if he played Wally or Evosoda 


But not for rare candies:

"Choose 1 of your Basic Pokémon in play. If you have a Stage 2 card in your hand that evolves from that Pokémon, put that card on the Basic Pokémon. (This counts as evolving that Pokémon.) You can't use this card during your first turn or on a Basic Pokémon that was put into play this turn." 



Now I'll be happy if someone gives me an explanation of these game rules.

And maybe i'm interested in Dialga EX rules.

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Its rather, simple, Banette only prevents your opponent from evolving Pokemon the "old fashioned" way, that means by playing them from his or her hand, onto one of his/her Pokemon.


Cards like Evosoda and Wally, who search your deck for an Evolution obviously don't fall under this category, however, the same applies for Rare Candy.


On a quick glace, it looks like Rare candy would violate the ability from Banette, as it takes a card from your hand, in order to evolve on of oyur Pokemon, something that shouldn't be possible.

A crucial keyword that we need to keep in mind, is the term "play". We play cards if we, well, play them. You put a Pokemon from your hand onto your bench ? You played a card. You use VS Seeker to get an Juniper ? You played a VS Seeker. You evolve on of your Pokemons by playing the next evolution from your hand ? You just played a card.


In the scenario of Rare Candy, you play excactly on card, and that is Rare Candy. Any card that is put into play by Rare Candy is just put onto the field and not played.

It might look similar, but in terms of wording and hence ruling ,playing does not equal put into play.



As for Dialga EX, we already got a thread for this one :).

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