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Best Deck Raichu-Landa 93/100 wins. (New-Build)


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ok its my first time that iam release this build if you know me from the game you sure know that this deck too much strong. i prefer to dont keep it just to me so i want to hear some advice and maybe we can build something even better ^^


Landorus-ex x2
Hawlucha x3

Pikachu x3
Raichu x3

Shaymin-ex x3
Exegute x3

Trainers -31

Ultra ball x4
VS seeker x3
Muscle band x3
Switch x2
Battle Compressor x2
Trainers Mail x2

Computer search

Sky field x4

Proffesor Juniper x4
Colress x2
Korina x2
Lysandre Trump Card



Strong Energy x4
Double Colorless x4
Fighting Energy x3

Check enjoy and ask every question.

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oh sorry i mean exeggute not exeggutor ^^

this deck very fastest draw a lot each turn and easy to get any cards.

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hey u don't wanna rain on your parade.. but you do know trump card is getting banned right? meaning that it's probably not advisable to run that many shaymins.. just saying


also when you check, raichu and lando have no synergy.. raichu has dce attack and lando has single fighting attack, raichu can't use a strong energy and even fighting energy means two turns to power up raichu


even switchability is really low only giving lando two switches out


also when you compress so many cards out of your deck, it's probably gonna make you prone to decking out (since trump is gonna get banned)

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Also with the next rotation coming up soon Landorus-EX, Colress, Computer Search, Exeggute and Mewtwo-EX all rotate out of Standard.


And bump on awesome_guys pointing out that LTC is banned in 8 more days (15th) so compressing and Shaymin crazy drawing through your deck is only going to hurt you.....you'll have to do it wisely or deck out, no more resets just so you can set up Sky Field and Circle Circuit as fast as possible, even if it meant almost decking out and then resetting it 

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