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What's with all the title changes? Check here!

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Hey there!

You may have noticed the mods changing up many of the topic titles here in the forums. This is our campaign to organize the support forums and expedite passing information to the development team! We're hoping these titles will also help show what popular issues are coming up or being discussed.

We'd really appreciate your help in this! By using the following title format for the support forums, it would help us understand the root issue and get information to the development team faster:


  • All titles should be prefaced with the affected user environment [PC], [MAC], [iOS]

  • If the issue affects all environments, it should be prefaced with [GENERAL]

  • All topic titles should be followed by one of a new set of categories:

    • Crashing

    • Graphics

    • Installation

    • Login

    • Other

  • The rest of the title should be a short description of the issue


Don't forget to apply all the proper tags!

Your dedication to the Pokémon TCG Online game and your reports are really appreciated! Thanks everyone!

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