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2.28.1 Patch Notes | June 2nd


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Version 2.28.1




  • Resolved an issue with the game client installer for Mac that prevented users from properly patching. Mac users can fix this issue by using the latest game client installer at Pokemon.com/playtcgo to overwrite their existing Pokémon TCG Online installation.



  • Re-enabled Daily Bonus feature and adjusted the rewards.
  • Improved messaging for the Daily Challenge selection screen on the landing page.
  • Lowered the completion requirements for some Daily Challenges.
  • Replaced Daily Challenges with a “Play Basic Pokémon” completion requirement with a “Do damage to opposing Pokémon” completion requirement.
  • Temporarily removed Daily Challenges with a Special Condition completion requirement.
  • Adjusted rewards and drop rates for Bonus Wheel, Mystery Box, Victor’s Bonus Wheel, and Victor’s Mystery Box.



  • Resolved an issue that caused Pokémon to change position on the Bench after an Evolution card was played.



  • The Inactive Opposing Player window occasionally appears while both players are active and causes the match to end.
  • The pack opening animation occasionally stalls during the loading assets step.
  • Blank card images occasionally appear in the game.
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Regarding the Known Issues: We believe we have a fix in place for the issue leading to the Pack Opening Animation to stall occasionally during the loading assets step. We are also working hard on the other issues.
If you run into these issues while playing on the new 2.28.1 client we really want to hear from you. Please visit the Pokémon Support Website and enter a Question with the details of what happened.
Thank you!

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