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The Evolution of Night March


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This deck is designed to wreck havoc with the removal of LTC, and in theory it will. Beautifly is there to wreck Toads, while Ninetails locks in your Shrine of Memories so that Gourgeist can have 200 hp with a grass energy and still use Night March. Lots of Wally and a few Evosoda so that you can always get your evolutions out. This deck is made for STANDARD play with the upcoming rotation, where all the black and white cards will be rotated out and unusable. Thats why it uses cards like Korrina to search items, and Muscle band instead of Silver Bangle.

2 Ninetales (PCL 21)
2 Beautifly (ROS 5)
2 Silcoon (ROS 4)
2 Vulpix (PCL 20)
4 Joltik (PHF 26)
4 Pumpkaboo (PHF 44)
2 Gourgeist (PHF 45)
4 Lampent (PHF 42)
2 Wurmple (ROS 3)
3 Psychic Energy (XY 136)
4 Grass Energy (XY 132)
4 Double Colorless Energy (PHF 111)
3 Battle Compressor (PHF 92)
3 Ultra Ball (ROS 93)
3 Korrina (FUF 95)
2 Professor's Letter (XY 123)
3 Shrine of Memories (PCL 139)
2 Muscle Band (XY 121)
2 Evosoda (XY 116)
3 Professor Sycamore (PHF 101)
4 Wally (ROS 94)
Any suggestions would be great, i'd like to work in a few Acro Bikes for more discard support.
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This deck seems slow. A stage 2, and it will be pretty weak to item lock. You have to get the Wally/Evosoda twice in a row, and that makes draw suffer greatly, unless your opponent N's you, but that's still pretty low probibility.


Also, why Korrina? Your list contains 0 fighting pokemon. I'd replace this with Skyla until it rotates.


I'm also worried about your consistency, which you've sacrificed a great deal of with so many lines of Pokemon. You may want to consider dropping cards like Ninetales (You're running 3 stadiums anyways, play it smart, and these should last you the game).


Overall, it seems you put a ton of thought in the deck, and it shows, however, overthinking is a way to lose a game as well :)

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Night March should remain as its currently known even with the ban of LTC.  The deck is fast and powerful.  


If you're concerned about Toad, run the 4-2-2 Eevee line, 4 Eevee Energy Evolution 2 Flareon Vengance 2 Leafeon Energy Crush.  Vengance is basically another Night March attack but counts all Pokemon in the discard pile and Energy Crush does 20x the amount of energy attached to the defending Pokemon, bringing an easy 1 energy 80 damage attack against Toad without Muscle Band if you're item locked.


Adding Stage 2 pokemon and more Stage 1 Pokemon than needed and Wally for that matter, really would slow down Night March.  Night March has really really low HP Pokemon to get that attack off so the deck needs to be as fast as possible to start getting the biggest lead possible in the Prize Race before the Night Marchers fall to just about any attack in the game.

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Himan, have you tried playtesting it in PTCGO? If not, why don't you try doing it. that way, you'll see the issues that may be prevalent in the deck (as The Iron Bat pointed out).


On paper, the deck looks a bit inconsistent as you have a stage 2 line in an otherwise, speedy deck. But as I've said, playing with it would show what it lacks or what needs to be corrected.


Good idea on the acrobikes as they help smoothen out consistency plus additional dumper to the discard pile.

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