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Donphan / Wailord


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Have been trying to optimize this deck for a little while now.  Works pretty good but open to ideas.


Landorus ex

Phanpy x 4

Donphan x 4



wailord ex x 2


dce x 2

fighting energy x 6

strong energy x 4


computer search

crushung hammer x 2

enhanced hammer x 2

dive ball

max potion x 2

super potion x 1

roller skates x 2

vs seeker x 2

korrina x 4

n x 4


fighting stadium x 3

rough seas x 2

float stone x 2

muscle band x 4








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I won't sugarcoat it, this is one of the worst Donphan builds I've ever seen.


First of all, EX Pokemon are a bad idea in the archetyp in general, as never want an easy target to give your opponent two prizes ( the only exception being Groudon and M-Groudon to improve certain matchups). Landorus EX supports the strategy of hit&run in no means.

While Landorus could at least be used to deal some damage on the first turn, Wailord EX is utterly useless.

You devote way to many resources on using him as a wall (Seas, Potions, Float Stone / Dive Ball, etc), and hence are cutting cards that are way more important in the archetype. 

Given that you also only run 2 Float Stones as means to retreat Wailord means, that it's rather easy for your opponent to trap on of them in the active spot and force you to sit and watch for the rest of the game.


Another thing that doesn't make sense by any means is the 1-1 Garbador line, as well as the energy denial via Hammers. You don't need to worry about abilities, especially if you don't even run Ultra Balls to provide any means of gettting both pieces + a tool.

Hammers aren't good is this archetype, as you don't run any other pieces to lock your opponent ( no Lasers, no Head RIngers, no Toad, Trevenant or Eggsegutor, etc. they simply don't go along with the general game plan, which is, as mentioned before, to hit&run with your Donphans.


You are missing some of the key cards to Donphan, like Hawlucha, Robo Substitude, Proffesor Juniper, Ultra Ball, etc.


As a general guideline I'd look towards this framework, and work your way to your final list from there on.



4-4 Donphan

2-3 Hawlucha

0-1 Dedenne

0-1 Kyogre

0-1 Zekrom

0-1 Reshiram

0-1 Suicune / Sygiliph

0-1 Wobuffet

0-1 Groundon + M-Groundon + Focus Sash / Spirit Link


2-4 VS Seeker

4 Juniper

4 Korrina

1-2 Lysandre

2-3 N

1 Team Mates

1-2 Colress

1 Computer Search

3 Muscle Band

2 Silver Bangle

0-2 FLoat Stone

3 Fighting Stadium

4 Robo Substitude

2-4 Ultra Ball

1 Professors Letter

1-2 Switch

0-1 Escape Rope

0-2 Bicycle

0-4 Acro Bike



4 Strong Energy

2-3 DCE

3-5 Fighting Energy

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Thanks for the feedback. I do agree with some things you have said. Two float stones is probably not enough. Sometimes the wailed does get stuck. They are easy to find with Korina. Perhaps I will add another.


The hammers can probably be replaced with more useful stuff.


I would like to add that I was looking for advice on this particular deck and not an idea for a whole new deck.

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Hi Luckyapple!


Building on Felidae's suggestion yet maintaining your deck structure, below are my suggested edits:


4-4 Donphan

3 Hawlucha

2 Wailord-ex

1 Shaymin-ex



4 Juniper

4 Korrina

1 Lysandre

2 N

1 Team Mates

1 Colress

1 Scramble Switch

3 VS Seeker

4 Muscle Band

1 Silver Bangle

2 Float Stone

3 Ultra Ball

1 Professors Letter

1 Switch

3 Trainer's Mail

3 Fighting Stadium



4 Strong Energy


5 Fighting Energy



Kindly check as I may have forgotten something. :) Best is to playtest in order to fine tune further.

Also, please see if you can squeeze in a Max Potion or 2 for the Wailord. Maybe remove 1 Muscle band for it?

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hey bocs.. i'm personally thinking that scramble doesn't seem as effective as scoop up cyclone here.. since most of the times you swap, you'll find yourself transferring 1 energy which won't really make a difference.. while scoop up cyclone gives you options to remove damage from wailord or any other poke while alternatively giving you shaymin back (as you have one in your decklist)


also for the upcoming trumpless format, I would recommend the landorus-ex to be kept as a pinch hitter- the thing can really help at times


also since you're running 4 korrina and 3 vs seeker+ other supporters, i'd think 3 ub may be too much ( maybe 2 is enough?) also removable for the lando would be a muscle band (running five tools just may be overkill when you only have 6 prize cards to give (considering wailord depends on stall mechanics)

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I agree on the landorus-ex, also for hitting the backrow just in case. Cyclone is also good, functions as a healer and switch at the same time. I suggested scramble switch since you tend to spread out your energies with multiple donphan so scramble may help or just the case of transferring energy to another donphan (for wreck) or shaymin-ex, in case u need an urgent card drawer. :)

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Thanks for all the input. I like the scoop up idea. I also agree that the ultra balls do not seem needed. Korina makes it so easy to find what I need.

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Everyone seems to really recommend 4 junipers also. I seem to stay away from that card a lot. Not sure why. I guess if I had more ultra balls it would be easier to take advantage of the junipers.

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