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Regular PvP games


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Two things needs some drastic change!


First of all; the clock..

Tournament timer (12.30 minutes)  for regular games are just as good.. Especially when we face time stallers..


Last but not least!;

A return to game option..

Happens to me waaaay to much that my game got disconnected for whatever reason, both this software or my wifi to blame and its bye bye game, bye bye rewards and bye bye time of my life.





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I agree with the first. We don't need a 50 minute Bo1 (Especially when the real card game is only played with a 30 minute Bo1, and there isn't as much time passing through shuffling, game chat, etc) We need to half the time matches take. Once (maybe) in my carrier on PTCGO have I used the entire 25 minutes (This was BLW-PLF, I believe) and that was because of the slow deck I was playing. 


The second, I agree with, however we already have this in place. It just never works. Since the inception of Primal Clash, we've had the game-breaking glitch, Cammy, ruin many a-game, and cost many people dearly. With this, our reconnections seemed to have been disappearing. The only reason I think this is in place, is because I heard someone say that they were able to reconnect to a game, shortly after Cammy appeared. 

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