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Dragon Ray


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3-2 M Ray (Dragon Ascent)
3-2 M Manectric (PHF)
1 Reshiram (ROS)
1 Hydreigon EX (ROS)
12 total 8 basic

4 Sycamore
4 N
2 Skyla / Pokemon Fan Club (?)
2 Lysandre
1 Lysandre's Trump Card
13 total

2 Manectric Spirit Link
2 Rayquaza Spirit Link
1 Tool Retriever
3 Battle Compressor
3 Ultra Ball / Evosoda (?)
1 Max Potion
1 Professor's Letter
1 Switch
3 Mega Turbo
3 VS Seeker
20 Total

2 Rough Seas / Scorched Earth

6 Fire
3 Electric
13 Total

Get the feeling this will be a terrible fail. 4 slots on spirit links is awful. An extra max potion for M Manectric would be nice, to deny prizes while getting Dragon Ascent ready to go. I dunno if dropping DDE for basic energy entirely would be best, it would just be awesome to Mega Turbo and attach DDE for one turn to pull off a Dragon Ascent. Chose any stadium really, just to have something to take advantage of Dragon Road, which is key. Without a Mega Turbo or DDE you must retreat D Ray ********** on the Dragon Road) to Turbo Bolt two energies back onto him.
Two Megas is too much, maybe the heavy Reshiram(ROS) line I saw is better, it gets knocked out but in the meantime it helps out a lot.
Enhanced Hammer would seriously hurt this decks chances of repeat Dragon Ascents, with any luck M Manectric is able to take some prizes. Head ringers and energy denial. . . auto loss?
Any thoughts? Give up now?
Energy taking up lots of space. want to be able to power up a M Manectric and a M Ray reliably with basic energy DDE as a bonus speed up.
Between that and 2 Megas there's a lot of space eaten up. I know. Terrible.

4 Reshiram frees up 4 slots (2 M Manectric and 2 Spirit Links) but massively concentrates the weakness and doesn't (possibly) take advantage colourless Ray's weakness. Reshiram is also a terrible attacker, unfortunately.

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Sounds interesting. Maybe you should try out your idea before using phsyshock attack on it. (Please notice I'm not an expert trainer and am just trying to be nice.)

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Thought about this deck once but i prefer no hydreigon since it needs a stadium. I think you can use keldeo and m manectric to power up the rayquaza when it doesn't have enough energy.

If you think 2 mega line is heavy just drop manectric and try victini ex. I think you should add another monsters that can hit hard while your rayquaza is being power up after using dragon ascent like white kyurem ex plasma storm

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Keldeo and a few float stones is probably a good idea, since I plan on keeping tool retriever for flare tool removal, to keep the painful energy cost of M Ray from becoming more painful float stone might make a good tool for M Ray.  Rush In is excellent because M Ray might be paralyzed or asleep.

Cutting the stadiums might be bad because of Silent Lab, but without Hydreigon only Reshiram has an ability that would be shut off, actually Hydreigon would be a bad start since the only way to power it up in this deck is a Double Dragon.  My rational was actually Shred for emergencies with Suicune and Sigilyph as well as the Dragon Road.

Either way, I wanted to include two flare tools so Manectric EX is somewhat useful early game.  It also has the bonus effect of stopping a 'Sky Return' in addition to making Shaymin EX a OHKO (with Altaria in play). 

Losing Hydreigon and 2 Stadiums would let me put an extra Reshiram and 2 Head Ringers.

Other ways to retreat?  Darkrai? I would have to have DDE attached reliably though.

Victini EX takes up a few less spaces.

I haven't chosen an Ace-Spec, but I only have a few and not Dowsing Machine or Computer Search.


Edit:  So I have been trying 3-2 M Manectric 4 Ultra Ball 2 Spirit Link 2 Battle Compressor with other pokemon: Basics and Stage 1s trying to power up their attacks.  It's not automatic to get M Manectric on turn 2, or reliable, rather.  At least not with the Spirit Link, consequence, M Manectric is injured or maimed in the process and gets off maybe 1 Turbo Bolt.  Not trying it with Mega Turbo yet, might make a difference.  Getting M Ray evolved also without losing a turn will definitely be difficult to accomplish.

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