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Need Help Improving My Fairy Deck


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Hi, I'm new to the competitive TCG and I just built a deck that centers around Wigglytuff(XY-90). The main strategy is to use Wigglytuff(XY-89), Xerneas(XY-96), and Pachirisu(PLF-37) to pile on as much Energy as possible onto Wigglytuff, than use Balloon Barrage, witch does 20 damage times the amount of energy on Wigglytuff. I use Suicune(PLB-20) and Jolteon(PLF-34) to take care of EXs. Here's my list.

x2 Jigglypuff (XY-88)
x1 Wigglytuff(XY-89)
x1 Wigglytuff(XY-90)
x1 Swirlix(XY-94)
x1 Slurpuff(XY-95)(All it's gonna do is sit on the Bench preventing Special Conditions)
x1 Xerneas(XY-96
x1 Spritzee(XY-92)
x1 Aromatisse(XY-93)(Gonna be sitting on the Bench moving around Fairy Energy)
x1 Rotom(PLS-49)(I'm planning on discarding it)
x1 Eevee(FFI-80)
x1 Jolteon(PLF-34)
x1 Pikachu(XY-42)
x1 Raichu(XY-43)(Great card overall)
x1 Pachirisu(PLF-37)(Could be discarded)
x1 Suicune(PLB-20)

* x1 Escape Rope(PLS-120)(Could be discarded since I run Fairy Garden)
x1 Switch(KSS-38)(Also can be discarded 'cause I run Fairy Garden)
x1 Ultra Ball(FLF-99)
x1 Sacred Ash(FLF-96)(Could be discarded)
x2 Evosoda(XY-116)
x1 Energy Retrieval(PLB-80)
x2 Hard Charm(XY-119)
x1 Float Stone(PLF-99)
x1 Pal Pad(FLF-92)
x1 Professor's Letter(XY-123)
x1 Max Revive(XY-120)
x1 Tool Retriever(FFI-101)
x1 Team Flare Grunt(XY-129)
x1 Iris(PLB-81)
x1 Xerosic(PHF-110)
x1 Professor Sycamore(PHF-101)
x1 Professor Sycamore(XY-122)
x2 Pokémon Center Lady(FLF-93)
x1 Shauna(PHF-104)
x1 Colress(PLS-118)
x1 Battle Reporter(FFI-88)
x1 Pokémon Fan Club(FLF-94)
x2 Fairy Garden(XY-117)
x1 Training Cennter(FFI-102)
x1 Mountain Ring(FFI-97)

x11 Fairy Energy
x2 Lightning Energy
x1 Water Energy
x1 Double Colorless Energy

Well, that`s my deck!

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You have a lot of lines of evolution, which will make finding the pokemon you need hard at the right time. I'd consider dumping either Raichu or Jolteon and doubling up on the other. As fun as Rotom is, it suffers from the same problem. You will find it hard to get it when you need it and even when you get it, you will likely lack the right energy. I'd switch it to another Xernias.


Same thing with the trainer cards. Add more draw supporters to boost consistency. You want your deck as consistent as possible so you minimize dead hands. So I would dump Team Flare Grunt, Xerostic, and Iris for some draw supporters such as Shauna, N, or another Sycamore. And VS Seeker is better than Pal Pad, so I would swap those. 


Still much to be changed to improve consistency, but I would keep testing and tweaking vs. the AI until you feel your deck moves quickly. Most consistent decks in my experience run 3-4 copies of each card. 4 Sycamore, 3 Shuana, 3 Xernias, etc.


Good luck!

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