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Ideas for a plasma storm gallade deck.


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This is based off of a deck I have in TCGO and wanna know if this is a soild lineup.

4x-Ralts LT (legendary treasures)

4x-Kirlia LT

4x-Gallade PS (plasma storm)

3x-Gallade Ex RS

3x-M Gallade Ex RS

2x-Latios Ex RS (I really like Fast Raid, I won a game in 28 seconds with it before).

I know that is a lot of pokemon, but it works.

The Trainers Are

3x-Dimension Valley

3x-Juniper Or Sycamore


3x-Professor Birch's Observations

2x-Hypno Laser


3x-Professor's Letter


4x-Muscle Band

3x-Ultra Ball


4x-Double Dragon



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This Deck have so many Redundant pokemon, If you have a 4-4-4 line of Gallade(PS) and you are not running Skyfield, there is no point of packing 20 pokemon in one deck. You can Take away The Gallade EXs and M Gallade EXs since it really dont do much in your deck. While keeping the Latio-EX with Fast Reid, I recommend you to add Mr. Mime into your deck, so you can have less coomcern on your bench. I recommend you to put only 2 Kirlia and 4 DCE, since you have Rare Candy and Gallade is not a dragon type pokemon.

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