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[GENERAL] Other - Social Preferences for child account cannot be changed on pokemon.com


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A long time ago, I created this account I'm on for my little sister. Because she was rather young at the time I set her account to Closed and that was that. But now she's a bit older and I'd like to un-restrict her account. However, no matter what I pick on the Social Settings screen, after clicking 'Submit' it resets to Closed anyway.


Is there some sort of limitation in place preventing me from doing this, or is it a site bug? She would really like to trade and use the other features currently restricted to her. I thought of creating a new account, but as she would not be able to trade from her old one, she would lose all of her cards and Trainer Tokens.


Thanks for your help in advance.

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Hey there!

 You'll need to resolve any account issues with the support team. You can create a support ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Thanks for your patience! :)

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