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Lots of confusion about hours played clarification please?


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Sorry for the repeat topic but I want to try to get all the questions in 1 thread if i can >.>


I have gotten lots of conflicintg ansers reading the forums and in the chat lobby here is the main question:




Hours played; what counts:




Trading, Playing( Vs AI, Ranked or Unranked) do all of these count?




or is it just playing vs players?




When do does the closed beta end? Aug 10 or 16th?




also will packs that come from walmart and target( the booster packs not from booster boxes) have codes comeing up?


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Will the hours that we played only add up through the month of August?


Of course not! We want to reward all of our loyal TCG Online players for their dedication and sticking with us through all the difficulties that often occur through any beta. The hours totaled will be cumulative of all the hours that you have ever spent on the TCG Online.




Awesome piece of information there, will probably put alot of players (including me) at rest :P


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