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Salamence (RSK)


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I like this card.  It has three different attacks ranging from a potent one fire energy attack to the 170 damage steam blast.

I saw a Kingdra deck recently, Swampert, Kingdra and M Manectric

Salamence, Reshiram (RSK) and Hydreigon EX isn't quite as well suited, but seems to me Turbo Bolt is kind of wasted on Alpha growth pokemon, and M Manectric does most of the fighting.

Any good ideas for Salamence, right now I have a couple rare candies and a couple evosodas and a few Wally's to give me a couple ways to get to Salamence since evolving quickly still gives you a good attack (shatter?)

I guess Salamence has a history of being a potent card.  Any ideas beyond the obvious?  Loading up on DDE and items to help Salamence?  I hate having to use DDE for Hydreigon but I don't really need its 'Shred' type attack, since my main attacker is an evolved pokemon without abilities.

I've tried my half baked version and it's fun when you get Salamence out.

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So your strategy is to use salamence first attack ( or maybe second one if you have reshiram and hydreigon on bench and a stadium). Not an easy set up after all and the last attack of salamence can still leave most ex monsters alive. So I think it's very hard to win games with salamence

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Yeah, I'm finding that it doesn't work out well with the Dragon Road. However, all the attacks are pretty useful, Power Howl can do some outrageous damage at times, and truly, since Salamence is not an EX, Silver Bangle and Muscle Band have resulted in some great wins.  The thing is I don't pack too many stadiums myself, can't really think of one other than Training Centre that really helps, it's nice discarding others' preferred stadiums, but it sucks not being able to take advantage of the retreat thing.

I've been winning because of prize exchange and because it seems most everyone is not expecting an evolving dragon deck that isn't EX heavy, Sylveon would be terrible, but everyone's got Leafeon and Raichu, and Skyfield gets discarded for one energy.

Yeah.  The set up can take 2-3 turns, but at least Salamence can attack right away.  I dunno, far from perfect.  Turboblaze kind of rocks for setting up.

You think maybe other stadiums with energy type specific advantages like Fairy Garden, Shadow Circle might be handy with Dragon Energy?  What others are there, I think just those two?  Or Darkrai for Salamence with DDE?

How about Rainbow Energy too? They can only have 4 Enhanced Hammers. . . Aromatisse and Rainbow/Dragon Energy?

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