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Exchanging Pangoro Promo


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I was able to obtain a few Pangoro promo that is now rotated out of the shop. Im looking to exchange these for a few other gems promo that I have miss to either complete a 4x copies or for collection purpose. All help are appreciated and paying a little extra is alway ok with me :).


This will be a 1 to 1 trade. Requesting additional packs or cards is fine with me. I values cards a lot more than i do packs, so for cards I reserve the right to be picky as what I'm willing to trade etc. I have a very large collection so dont be shy to ask (but please be reasonable and be aware that I know a lot about in-game values for my cards)


for 4x copies collection:


- ditto x1




- groudon x1

- kyogre x1


* Until the above 3 cards are met I will not be looking for these.


- regirock x1

- heliolisk x1


If I have time I will be posting these trades on public and update my need as necessary. Thank for reading.



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