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Quick-Attack Deck


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Usually I don't post decks, mainly because I've only redeemed 2 codes and have barely traded, so my decks mostly have broad themes like "Dark" or fun themes like "Houndoom/Arcanine".




However, for these last few days, I wanted to build a themed deck, so I did. The theme is nowhere near meta, and I'm lacking superior cards like Zekrom, but oh well. Hence I'm not asking for fixes, but just: decent for non-meta? Or ****? I'm (still, because of not having every card to my disposal) pretty much only to the GBC cards, to these cards I still consider myself a newbie unless I'm able to use every card.




Well, as the topic title states, it's a deck for fast attacking. Except Noctowl which is used to back up the Fighting weakness and in other cases always nets me extra cards.




18x Lightning Energy


2x Double Colorless Energy (don't have more)




4x Joltik (the weaker Leech Life one, unfortunately)


4x Galvantula


4x Pikachu (the weaker Slam one, unfortunately)


4x Raichu (the Spark one as I want)


4x Hoothoot


4x Noctowl




2x Dual Ball (a quick fix, was Revive before which wasn't necessary. Don't have the superior Supporter version)


2x Pokemon Communication


4x Potion (helps alot)




2x Engineer's Adjustments


2x Professor Elm's Training Method


1x Professor Juniper (usually don't have a good oppurtunity for it, but it's still useful having one)


2x Professor Oak's New Theory


1x Team Rocket's Trickery (all I have. No Cheerleader or Chatter either)


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sry to post randomly but i d k hwo to make a new post but im new and hw do u trade and all. i have reddeemed 1 code for the red frenzy deck. Plz help! i dont know hhow to make a post so.. thats y im chatting well posting here . Thx for the help here. and thats a god deck. Jolteon? Evee?


idk ranodm thoughts thought u can help me


u have a lot of enegy's try tat ebgineers trainer card or bill


help u draw the other energy's faster. So basically: How do you trade other people? How do u post? How do u battle?


Thx try jolteon eevee bill and the engineer card sry its slipping from mymind.


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and is it justme or is enboar now the best that spd doesnt matter good hp and good atks


plz help with the questions above






















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I haven't changed anything since I posted it.




Anyway, gonna completely change it. Noticed that only 40 damage removed that which all my other decks could: beating Reshi/Zek. And I also faced some Metal decks without good results... Gonna go for a DARK base now, with regular Houndoom and Sneasel and something else (perhaps Noctowl, perhaps not).


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