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Help with Primal Groudon EX-Deck


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Hey everyone, DTZT2 here. Recently I built myself a Primal Groudon EX deck, but I've been having difficulty actually winning with it. It seems to go too slow, but I'm not sure how I could speed it up. Any suggestions/help on this deck is welcome!


Here's the decklist:



-3x Groudon EX (PC)

-3x Primal Groudon EX (PC)

-2x Hawlucha (FuF)

-2x Landorus (FuF)


(7 Basics, 10 total seems pretty low. Would add a Landorus EX, but haven't been able to get my hands on one sadly enough)



-1x Computer Search

-1x Enhanced Hammer (Slowing down Seismitoad/Mewtwo/Aggron/Night March)

-1x Escape Rope

-4x Mega Turbo

-1x Startling Megaphone (Garbodor)

-1x Switch

-1x Tool Retriever

-2x Ultra Ball

-3x VS Seeker

-3x Korrina

-2x Lysandre

-1x Lysandre's Trump Card

-3x N

-4x Juniper

-1x Teammates

-2x Fighting Stadium

-3x Scorched Earth

-2x Groudon Spirit Link

-1x Healing Scarf (Filler, and useful for healing Groudons. Not necessary)



-9x Fighting Energy

-4x Strong Energy


Any help is always welcome! Thanks in advance. 

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Well pretty solid list, tho I'd drop enhanced hammer, healing scarf,1 fighting energy and 1 fighting stadium, instead add 1 prof letter, 1 silent lab, 1 weakness policy since u do play tool retriver. For last spot maybe 3rd Landorus or Focus Sash, robo sub could work as well. For deck engine -1N +1 Korrina/Vs Seeker.

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I run 3-3 Primal, 3 Hawlucha, 1 Landorus his weakness is really bad, and it kind of costs you a turn and an energy to attach with shout of power, you have 4 mega turbos, just use those.

Fewer draw supporters since Korrina is so powerful.  Professors letter because you don't want to miss a turn attaching to Primal, it's slow enough as it is, 3-4 robo subs.  Scramble Switch is an excellent ace spec for this, switch out Primal for Primal and save your strong energy. 

With omega barrier and strong energy you don't need fighting stadium,

I run 3 Silent Lab, 2 Memory Shrine.  The lab is good in so many matchups, Night March, Genesect, Darkrai, safeguard pokemon, Memory Shrine gives you the option, Massive Rend? or swing for the fences?  I keep two Skyla to get the right stadium or item, further reducing the need for draw.

I don't worry about being fast, you might give up a prize or two gettting Primal evolved and ready, but there's not much anyone can do to stop you once you're evolved, wall with robo subs and Hawlucha, use teammates to get your preferred stadium and strong energy.

I run 2 switch, 1 scramble switch.

2 Lysandre a must, to eliminatte threats to Groudon.

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Thanks to both of you guys! Unfortunately I don't have a scramble switch (And won't get one, with them rotating out in 3 months), but I'll try and combine both advices and build a deck out of it. 

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