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Noob request.


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Hi, my name is ben and I started playing online yesterday and won a 8 man standard tournament that night with a miltank/psychic deck I came up with after looking at my collection. (The deck is luck based) my question is what staple cards are there? as I don't want to build a deck until I have staples (i'm guessing ultra ball is one)

some deck suggestions would be nice too.

Many thanks,


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If you would build around the deck u have, miltank-gardevoir (assumption), you need the ff:


These staples can be used in any deck as well.







3-4xMuscle Band

3-4xTrainer's Mail



1xEscape Rope

1xAce Spec card of your choice (I suggest computer search)

4xDCE (double colorless energy)


These are the staples I could think of atm. Hopefully this helps. :)

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The best deck for a new player is either Donphan or Medicham both of which you can probably easily find a deck list of by looking it up. 

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